Stash storage

Those who only know me through this blog may not be aware that I am a fairly obsessive knitter and crocheter. I have worked pretty hard to cull my stash of yarn, but it is still pretty big. In the past I have had various furniture to store it it, but none of those pieces made it with me through the moves and remodel. I went through two different phases of IKEA cabinets, both of which were too cheap looking to keep. Hence, I have been on the look out for something that might work for the past few months. This week I hit pay dirt!


I found this metal faux industrial sideboard (?) for sale on, the Norwegian equivalent of Craig’s List in the US. It is available on this Danish website, but obviously I got it used for a lot less. I put it in my bedroom, and it just clears the window. It was super tight, but my full stash of yarn does actually fit; this really is everything, except for the works in progress that are in a basket next to the sofa.

The glass doors lift up and have a magnetic closure. Most of them stay up when you pull them up, though not all. It also came with wheels, but they were kind of wobbly, so the seller kindly took them off. I can always put them back on if I need to.

I think it looks fantastic and I love being able to actually see the yarn while at the same time containing it behind glass. I hope it inspires me to keep to my goals of crafting from stash and not accumulating too much yarn.


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