Plumbing (the depths)

Just when I think I have reached a new low point in the (lack of) progress of this project, something worse comes along. Yesterday I got a call from the contractor saying that the tiles for the bathroom walls are unavailable until (probably) the end of March. Sob.

Very little progress on other things has been made so far this week. The only thing that has happened is some plumbing. I gave up on HTH setting up the kitchen sink in a timely fashion (i.e. before I had hoped to move in on Saturday), and since I absolutely have to have at least one source of water in the apartment, I asked my contractor to take care of it. He had a plumber come in yesterday and do it, along with more work in the bathroom. Now, I know nothing whatsoever about plumbing, so I can only trust that this is right:


It looks very weird to me, but then probably all plumbing does. The view from above is much better:


I really like having the sprayer integrated into the faucet, and need to get a picture of what that looks like when it’s pulled out.

The bathroom plumbing was equally inscrutable:


It looks like there’s still more to be done here, and there is still no toilet installed.

Someone also installed the lamps I bought for the bedrooms, so that’s a good thing. I tried turning them on, but quickly realized that I need to get bulbs for them. Derp. I’ll do that today after work. I’m meeting the guy who will install the blinds on the remaining windows, so it would be helpful to actually have light in my son’s bedroom when he installs there.

All in all, I’m pretty skeptical about things being ready (relatively speaking) for me to move in on Saturday. I think, though, that at this point I am not going to cancel the movers; I’ll have them move stuff no matter what. I can keep a few basic things here in the MIL and sleep on the sleeper sofa that belongs to my ex until my apartment is minimally functional.


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