Much to my delight, the countertops were installed late this afternoon. It was a surprise and relief during a week of little progress. Here’s what they look like:


This is Caesar Stone. Not sure what’s going on with the bucket and fire extinguisher, but presumably it’s weighting the countertop down as the adhesive dries. I think the breakfast bar turned out just right. Here are some details:

My barstools will tuck right under and be out of the way when not in use, the counter itself is just enough space for full dinner plates and glasses (it’s 40 34 cm, which is deeper than the one I had originally), the clearance for opening the window is ample, and I’m pleased with how they handled the corner at the window.

The also put the cook top in, which looks ominously black and featureless:



Presumably burners will light up when turned on. The most exciting thing about the countertops, though, is the sink. Just look at it!



I’ve never had such a fancy sink before. I love the undermount design. The room is looking very neutral now. I’m actually a bit nervous about the very colorful tiles I have ordered. I hope they’re not a disaster. I kind of like the plain white box look, though I think that’s mostly just reaction to being in a dark and busy environment like the MIL. Eventually I will want some color. I just hope I didn’t go totally overboard.


3 thoughts on “Countertops

  1. Your tiles are not all that colorful in the grand scheme of things! They’re not as colorful as *my* kitchen tiles, which are positively subdued compared to my natural inclinations. (Mine are mauve, grey, stainless, and two shades of green. Of course I wanted bright teal, but that would have clashed with the countertop.)


  2. I went back and looked at the tile you chose, and it reminds me a lot of a dull winter sky – a soft, cloudy, slightly purply blue that I think it will be perfect in your kitchen – it will add some color without being overwhelming. Now, if it was my kitchen, the tiles would be turquoise or chartreuse or some other really bright color 🙂


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