Oops. As I feared, my contractor is freaking out a little over my plans to have the plastering done and the bathroom and kitchen stuff delivered. I probably should have just been more patient and allowed for the fact that the contractor would prefer not to have the other stuff happening simultaneously. I think the problem is that I don’t have any experience with the logistics of this kind of project. On the positive side, this discussion has resulted in him sending me a list of what’s going to be happening the last half of the project:
This week (week 48):
  • The painter will start working on prepping the walls and ceiling
  • The plumber will start working on the bathroom and kitchen
Next week (week 49):
  • Starting Monday the 5th the crew will apply? install? lay? the screed to even out the floor
  • The painter and plumber will complete whatever is left for them to do
Week 50:
  • The crew will install the waterproof membrane and tiles on the floor in the bathroom
  • Starting Monday the 12th the crew will install windows
  • Starting around Wednesday the 14th the crew will lay the radiant heating
  • On Thursday and Friday the 15th and 16th the crew will lay the wood floors
Week 51:
  • On Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th the crew will install doors and trim
  • Starting Wednesday the 21st the crew will prep and paint the trim
  • The electrician will install outlets and lights toward the end of this week

It’s such a relief to have a rough timeline. This way I don’t have to wonder so much. I’m most eager to see the new living room window opened up, so it helps to know there’s no use anticipating that being done for another two weeks.

And I do think it’s going to work out with the plastering and installation of cabinets and all. The key point is really the screed, since that is a product that will have to dry before it can be walked on. Once that hurdle is over, I think things are going to be ok.


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