Jobsite, week 4

This is going to sound really cliché, but I can’t believe it has already been four weeks, or roughly halfway through the major part of this project. The apartment is now almost completely drywalled, though no work at all has been done on the bathroom. I find that a little worrying, but the crew has been so efficient up to now that I’m going to trust that this won’t be a problem.

One of the nicest, if smallest, changes is the larger of the two hall closets, which used to be kind of a disaster with a big pipe running through it, dark wood paneling and a really hideous sliding door. Now it is looking very tidy (pictured to the left along with the smaller closet to the right, as seen from the kitchen):

The bump out is where the ventilation ducts run through the building, so there is no avoiding it, unfortunately, but I still think I’ll be able to turn this into a useable storage area. It’s nice to start with a clean slate. I’m probably just going to hang curtains in front of the two closets. The opening into the kitchen is twice as big as it will be in the end because they are going to put a pocket door in there.

I was also pleased to see that they moved the outlet for the ceiling light in my bedroom:


The patch job is just a few centimeters to the right of where I’m planning on installing a ceiling-mounted curtain rod, so that would have been a small disaster. One of the small things I did this week, by the way, was order the ceiling-mounted curtain rod. It’s 223 cm long, so I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get it home from the store in Oslo, given that I will have to walk a good long way and then commute by ferry. I hope I don’t thwack into people along the way!

The living and dining rooms are looking very tidy now that the drywall is up and the crew has cleared all their equipment out of it in preparation for starting work on the floors. They  also covered the big beam in drywall:



For the first time I’m getting a real sense of what the room is going to feel like, though I’m still dying to see the difference the new window will make. I’m so excited to see the next steps. They say they need the engineered wood flooring delivered by 9 December, so I need to make sure to order it in time.

I think the crew is excited about the project. One of the carpenters called me on Friday about something and he kind of gushed over how great he thinks the apartment is going to be when it’s done. That’s certainly reassuring.


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