Timing is everything

A couple of days ago I was fretting over the timing of the three parts that need coordinating: construction crew, plasterer, and kitchen/bath deliveries and installation. Today I finally touched bases with my kitchen/bath guy and nailed down the dates. It’s complicated because each thing is happening in a different week. Here in Norway, people refer to the weeks by number when planning stuff (today is the first day of week 47, for example), so I don’t have exact dates, but rather numbered weeks for when things will happen:

week 48? (28 November – 2 December): plastering the bathroom (There’s a question mark here because I’m not sure it will be ready by then. Last I checked there was virtually no progress on the bathroom beyond framing in the walls, and there is a LOT of work to do there. Eep! Luckily the plastering can be done in week 49 if necessary, possibly even into week 50 in a pinch.)

week 49 (5 – 9 December): delivery of bathroom cabinets

week 50 (12 – 16 December): installation of bathroom cabinets (There’s not much to install, so it won’t take more than a few hours.)

week 51 (19 – 23 December): delivery of kitchen cabinets (Coincidentally, this is also supposedly the end of construction according to the contractor.)

week 01 (2 – 6 January): installation of kitchen cabinets

There’s just no work that gets done in Norway anywhere between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, so I’m stuck without a functioning kitchen until January, including stove and refrigerator because those are both built-in along with the cabinets. That means my living room will be filled with uninstalled kitchen cabinets and the like for the entire holiday season, but it will be worth it in the end.

I’m trying to figure out a cheap temporary solution for the lack of kitchen. I may need to buy a hot plate and a mini-fridge to tide me over. I will have functioning water from the sink in the bathroom by 16 December, so as soon as everything else major (like floors and paint) are done I can move back in.

I also have to figure out when to hire movers for the big items, but since it’s the holidays it may be hard to find someone for exactly when I want them. I don’t need much stuff to begin with; the most important thing is to get out of the MIL and start doing all the small tasks that are my part of the job. I can get by with a camping mattress and a few basic kitchen items for a while.


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