Jobsite, day 12

Again not much to report. I stopped by the apartment last night and there were no major changes of note. The crew has been working on the wiring and on some of the plumbing. This is that slow, dull phase of a renovation when necessary but unremarkable tasks get done. The demolition and framing happen so quickly and are so dramatic that it’s hard to be patient when things seemingly grind to a halt.

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to coordinate the three separate working parts of this project: the contractor’s crew, the guy who will be doing the plastering in the bathroom, and the delivery and installation of the bathroom (and, later, kitchen) from the manufacturer. I really need to make some phone calls to double check that I have all the dates for each phase right. The contractor’s team has to get the bathroom ready up through the drywalling, then the plasterer needs a certain number of days to do all the necessary layers of the plastering job, and finally the kitchen manufacturer has a set date for delivery and another for installation. Here’s hoping I haven’t messed the timing up!


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