Sofa safari

After yesterday’s bad news about the extra repairs and costs for the renovation, this post is pretty much just a pipe dream, but, since pipe dreams are part of the process too, I guess I’ll go ahead with it any way. When I moved into my apartment nearly three years ago I mostly furnished it with used furniture. One of my best finds was this rather odd sofa, which really grew on me:


It was the only thing I could find that fit into the small corner between the balcony door and the window. I really like the round ends, and was surprised to find that I didn’t miss arms at all. Unfortunately, the cushioning in the sofa is now pretty much shot (and the upholstery has always been kind of sleazy), so I ended up giving it away. I’ll miss it, and have started looking for something new to replace it, even though I won’t be able to afford a new sofa for a while; I have to at least make sure I can cover all the work on the apartment before I consider major new furniture purchases!

A girl can dream, though, so I thought I’d gather together some of the sofas I’ve been looking at in stores in Oslo. I’m mostly looking at low-slung modular sofas in order to recreate some of the lounge quality of this one, and I’ll definitely get another corner sofa. My son and I like lazing each on our own side, shooting the breeze or watching shows together. There will be a little more space in the new living room, so my size options aren’t quite so limited. Here are some of the ones I’ve looked at recently at Illums Bolighus in Oslo (disregard the colors in the photos; all of them are custom orders):

One of the ones I like the best is the Raft sofa by Wendelbo, a Danish company:


It seems to be about the right size for the space I’ll have. As far as I can tell it comes with the three large throw pillows, while the three smaller ones show above would have to be bought separately if one wanted them. I love the wide armrest; it’s perfect for a laptop. This floor model is actually for sale at a pretty big discount. I’m just not sure it’s the color or configuration I want, and of course I currently have nowhere to move it to. Someone who came along before me had helpfully displayed some of the colors it is available in:



Another slightly more structured Danish sofa is Pump by Bruunmunch:


I’m not sure if it’s the throw pillows (again sold separately) or what, but this one doesn’t excite me all that much on second viewing.

Then the suddenly ubiquitous company, Hay (yet another Danish furniture maker), has a couple of models that might work too. Their Mags Soft sofa, which is very unstructured, even sloppy, but oddly appealing (here, ganked from the Hay website, in leather, which is beyond my budget):


I kind of like the toddler-like simplicity of the design made up of soft rectangular blocks. And then in fabric:


I’m not sure whether I like the high armrests or not; in some ways yes, in others no. In fact, I’m not even sure any of these are what I’m looking for (and I probably can’t afford any of them for months to come), but I thought I should at least gather them in one place for future reference.


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